📖 Review: Patience – Lark Taylor

Series: Damned Connections

Pages: 378
Time to read: 1h47m
Pages/hour: 212

Date read: Wed 23rd August 2023

Rating: 👨🏻‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒👨🏻‍🚒

“Hell will be surrounded by a river of fire. Your job will be to ferry the souls across it until my dying day.”

Diving into a new series!

So, if you didn’t already know, Patience is the first book in the Damned Connections series, which spins off from the Reckless Damned series. It’s worth knowing if, like me, you just pick up a book because it’s interesting and then you’re like ‘Wait, why are all these couples being mentioned all the time?’ and then find out you probably should have started somewhere else.

Of course, you can also start here. Just beware of some spoilers for that earlier series as you read!

Anyway, back to Patience. We start with Ferry, aka Ferenc, who once upon a time was an archangel. That was all going great up until he fell madly in love with Leof, a human, and joined Lucifer’s fight purely because he wanted their love to be accepted.

Only then Leof goes and dies.

Ferry makes a deal. He’ll shuttle souls into hell and his love, soul tethered to an angel’s, will reincarnate over and over again. Eventually, they’ll have one final chance – when the angel Leof was connected to dies, Ferry will be free to leave and try and win Leof back.

One catch. If Leof doesn’t fall in love with Ferry, and accept the mating bond before he dies this time? He’ll be dead for good.

This is basically where we start, and I’ve gotta say, it’s a good set-up for a second-chance romance, a trope of which I am not usually a big fan. They can be messy (not in a fun way) and although all the familiarity is fun, I prefer the excitement of someone trying to win someone else over for the very first time. I’ve read a few second-chance romances I’ve enjoyed, but it’s not a trope that I go for on its own.

HOWEVER, we get a fun mix of both here. Ferry, of course, knows a lot about Leo, but at the same time doesn’t. And Leo? He doesn’t know anything about Ferry at all.

He also thinks he’s straight.

Again, bi-awakening is not a trope that is usually the deciding factor when I pick up a book, but the two combined are a lot of fun – because of course there have to be a bunch of other things going on for those two tropes to intertwine. It works out so well here. We get all of Ferry’s angst and pining, and all of Leo’s anxious excited discovery of something new about himself.

Ugh, I love it.

Oh, and if you were worried that, this being a spin-off, we wouldn’t see much of the characters we all already know and love, don’t! All our (my!) faves show up again, and we get some fun new ones too, including Matty, Leo’s sweet younger brother, and Danny, Leo’s friend and colleague.

I’m super excited to see where both of them end up!

I’d told Ferry I wasn’t interested, and he was being respectful of that. Why was that so… annoying?

Lower stakes?

Spoilers ahead!

I don’t think I ever thought the stakes would be as high in Patience as they were across the Reckless Damned series. That one was really about end-of-the-world stuff, but it also contained it, allowing Ferry to escape but not really giving him an enemy on his level.

As a result, the external plot of Patience – who’s out to get Ferry – feels smaller, but that works well.

It makes a lot of sense, for one. It’s established early on that there’s little out there to threaten Ferry, not with Lucifer contained, so the threat has to be closer to home. I don’t think the mystery is designed to be a massive surprise (or maybe I’ve just got better at figuring it out), but it brings all this interesting magic lore into play that I’m sure (certain, in one case) will crop up in later books.

Also, I guess it has to be difficult to find threats that truly are threats to some of these characters. It’s like that thing in superhero media, where every baddie has to be exponentially more powerful to account for how the heroes are levelling up or getting more allies. Eventually, you look back at the ones from the beginning and you’re like, ‘Oh, you were a threat?’ When you’re dealing with characters who have literal god-like powers, then it can be hard to balance that, and even more so when we’re in a story like this, where everything is a little cosier and more domestic.

So, yes, this wasn’t the world-ending action of the first series, but there’s still a solid threat that makes sense and fits into the overall vibe of the story.

(Though, real talk: Eliza obviously knew that she couldn’t form a bond regardless, and presumably had told Brennan that way before she offered to save Leof this way. So did Brennan really think that even in an alternate universe where Eliza could bond with him that she would’ve done it when he clearly didn’t listen to/believe her when she told him what she chose to do??? What a dick.)

Danny’s whole werewolf thing also has me super excited for future books; I’m hoping he’ll still crop up, like the others. He seems super different to the werewolves we (so briefly) met in Deal With the Devil and I’m fascinated by what his deal is, as well as if he gets to have his own HEA one day.

“Oh yeah?” I bumped my chest against his tauntingly. “You like that I’m going crazy with jealousy? That just the sight of him with his arm around you makes me want to rip it off and use it to beat him to death? You like that?”

Gym equipment can be confusing

Obviously, my favourite scene is that one at the gym. If you know, you know.

But overall? I loved this! I like that this series seems to have a more chill vibe than the Reckless Damned books (she says, one book in), which is to say that there’s still some violence and danger, but nothing world-ending so far.

The spice levels are, of course, way up there, and I don’t know about you, but I loooooove a book where someone pines after someone else the way Ferry does here, especially when the person doing the pining is arguably the ‘more powerful’ of them.

Basically: Ferry is the hot AF dork I wanted him to be.

And I’ve heard that next up we’ll have Sebastian’s book! Yes, I am going to be just as feral for it as Sebby himself will be.

Because if I got my way, there’d never be anyone else for Ferry. It might be too fast. Too naive. Too risky. But I wanted this man to be mine. No one else’s.

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